Thursday, 24 July 2014

Book: Gilded Lily by Vivian Winslow

I received a copy of Gilded Lily in exchange for my review.

Having lived a sheltered life on the Upper Eastside, Lily is surprised when on the eve of her wedding she finds her fiancé, Jack, in bed with her twin sister. Despite being told that that's the way it is, Lily decides to call off the wedding, but still goes on the honeymoon to Rio on her own. While there she discovers more about herself than she ever thought possible, especially about what she considers right for a romantic and sexual relationship. Her morals are tested when a sexy married man makes his moves on her and she can't help but respond to the attraction.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Meeting His Match by Katee Robert

I received a copy of Meeting His Match in exchange for my review.

Addison is a highly successful matchmaker, though her friend Regan thinks that she needs to take some time off, so much so that she insists that Addison goes to Tennessee and works her magic on her brother-in-law, Caine. What Addison doesn't expect is the instant attraction that she feels for Caine, or the conflicting emotions that that brings. Having been brought up believing that a person only gets one soul mate, Addison thinks she's had her turn with her deceased husband Aidan, and is willing to give up everything because of him. Caine works too hard, and that didn't bother him, until fiesty and determined Addison comes along. Despite her attempts to try and match him, there's only one woman that he wants and he won't stop until she admits she wants him too.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Blog Tour: Lady Phillipa's Peril by Katy Walters

I received a copy of Lady Phillipa's Peril, book 3 of the Lords of Sussex series, in exchange for my review.

Phillipa Frencham is all set to marry her childhood best friend, Hector, though she can't help but think that there is no passion or love beyond that of for a sibling in their relationship. Not one to want to break a promise she is all set to marry him until she meets Lord Damien Delmare and discovers true passion. As one of the forward thinkers of her day, Phillipa despises the way in which women are treated, and has her own ideas about how things should work, much to the shock of Hector and Damien. But things are heating up in the war against Napoleon and her bravery may be the only thing saving the people she loves.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Book: Four Weeks till Forever by Nadia Lee

I received a copy of Four Weeks Till Forever in exchange for my review.

Hilary Rosenburg is used to working hard for everything she has, and finds herself dating men that she doesn't feel any spark for. Then along comes Mark Pryce. Known for not holding onto a girl for more than 3 months, Mark needs a date for his family's fourth of July party, and uses it as an excuse to try and woo Hilary, the woman who has intrigued him for months. Yet everytime he gets close to getting and keeping her, Hilary runs away from him. But when Mark is determined to win her, and will go to any lengths to get her.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Book: Uninhibited by Melody Grace

I received a copy of Uninhibited from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Alicia has been in love with Hunter since she met him in college, but the problem is he doesn't seem to realise it. Nothing she's done has taken her mind from the unrequited love until she meets Dex. A rock star who ran from the spotlight after a disastrous night in London, but he can feel the spotlight calling him and the only thing that can stave it off is Alicia. Giving in to her urges, Alicia takes Dex up on his offer of a week without limits and without distractions, just the two of them. Thing is neither of them expected to start feeling the way that they do about each other, and that complicates things slightly...

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