Thursday, 29 August 2013

Book: The Forever Ones by Marjorie DeLuca

Book 1 of The Iduna Project.

I received a copy of The Forever Ones from the author in exchange for my review.

Paige is a forever, she is genetically engineered to be 19 and live forever. She lives with the other forevers in the Iduna compound, and charged with spending her whole life having fun, but for Paige's inquisitive mind there remain unanswered questions, and she starts to wonder about the disappearances of some of the forevers, flagging her up to be the next to disappear. When her friend, the handsome and popular musician, Chale, disappears she knows that she has to go find him, and leaving the compound with a team of other forevers, including her oldest friend Junias, they go outside and face the world, finding out more than they bargained for in the process.

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I'm either in a really good book reading mood today, or the books that I'm choosing are fantastic! In all honesty the latter is more likely, it is incredibly rare for the former to happen after all! As with yesterday's reviewed book (The Name on Your Wrist), which I actually finished earlier today (which is the 31st July if you wanted to know!), this book really drew me in, and this time, cause I didn't have to go to work, I finished this book in one sitting, didn't stop for anything!

This book did the incredibly rare thing of surprising me, not once but twice as well. I'll be very vague so not to ruin it if you want to read the book, the first surprise that I had was to do with the identity of the mysterious CEO of Iduna corporation, I couldn't see that coming at all, in fact I had absolutely no ideas or theories about who the real CEO could be, masterful writing to conceal information there! The second surprise was something I had minor suspicions about early on about one of the characters which I then dismissed, and lets just say that I am not too convinced of their ultimate motives, but I guess I'll have to wait and find out about them if there is a sequel!

The concept itself of The Forever Ones reminded me slightly, though it is only very slightly, of the chilling novel Never Let Me Go (it was made into a film recently), where children were bred to be organ donors. In The Forever Ones, the forevers live until they are selected to be used to keep other people young, so they are basically owned and sold by the Iduna corporation. One of the most chilling things about this (and about Never Let Me Go as well come to mention it), is that it is possible to see how this could happen in society, rich people already have lots of botox and surgery, if this existed, then this would be the next logical step, and that is just a scary thought.

I really liked the way that DeLuca based the Iduna corporation and related projects to real  mythology (as in not mythology that she made up, rather than me trying to insinuate that the Ancient Gods really did exist, that's not a debate I want to enter into!), and the golden apples, that kept the Gods and Goddesses young and immortal, that were tended by the Goddess Iduna.

Early on in the book it was easy to see that there was going to be a love triangle develop, with Paige at the centre naturally. Then you have Junius and Chale. Personally the triangle didn't bother me because I can only see one outcome of it, and refuse to entertain the motion of the other (I can get like this sometimes!), one of the characters is just so much better suited to Paige and could actually make her happy! Just writing that last sentence brings to light to me how well DeLuca has crafted her characters, I really care about what happens to Paige and I really hope that the cliffhanger ending is resolved!

I'd say bring on the next book! I really enjoyed The Forever Ones and I'd say give it a go!