Friday, 1 November 2013

Serial: Requiescence by Zachary Bonelli

Requiescence is the 11th installment of the serial +Voyage: Embarkation by +Zachary Bonelli. I received a copy of Requiescence from the author in exchange for my review.

After deciding that they need a break, Tria and Kal find themselves on Spenfa, an alternative Earth where they can relax on a beach and Tria can study the various languages, before the pair of them return to finding a body and a cure. While there, Kal meets Vik, a fellow swimmer who he takes an instant liking to. After going on a successful date, Vik invites Kal to go camping with him and his friends, but that is where things start to go wrong, and Kal has to disappear before giving Vik an explanation.

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Requiescence was a bit longer than most Voyage Embarkation episodes, though I didn't think that that was a problem. Once again Bonelli has managed to capture a different tone in his writing than in other episodes, with this one being slightly more relaxed and about Kal as a person emotionally.

The ending to this episode actually made me kind of sad, I liked the characters of Kal and Vik together, and enjoyed their burgeoning relationship (more than I enjoyed Kal's previous trips into love, though that could be because I liked Vik more! He seemed right for Kal!). For most of Kal's adventures he has been alone, other than his projected brother, and it was good to see him forming attachments to other characters (I'm not saying that this has been lacking previously, more that it was good to see like it would be good to see a single friend find someone).

Tria did take more of a back seat again though, he seems to be more about getting the background information for Kal and making sure that he fully fits into society.

As with many Voyage Embarkation episodes, there is a more serious and deeper message contained in the episode, though from what I can gather this has seemed to be related to the role of technology, this time it was more about the place in the universe. Vik says to Kal:
"We are the universe, Koss. And yeah, we fiddle around with magic and computers and language, but that's just the surface. Underneath, we are the universe. We understand ourselves to help the universe understand itself."
I don't know about you but that just struck me as quite profound! I'm still loving Kal's adventures, and if you haven't checked them out yet then what are you waiting for!