Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Book: Agent M4 Riordan by Joni Hahn

Agent M4: Riordan is the fourth book in the D.I.R.E Agency series.

Riordan has been through hell, and now as a member of the D.I.R.E agency he needs signing off for duty. That's where Natalie Meeks comes in. Much to Natalie's surprise she finds herself attracted to the troubled bad boy. Though they both know its a bad idea, and were both warned off each other they can't help but act upon it. With Natalie's father in politics, the two of them, and the rest of the D.I.R.E Agency, quickly become embroiled in plots and schemes. Hidden within that is the truth about Riordan's past, and he hopes that that won't change Natalie's mind about him.

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Agent M4 Riordan threw me straight back into the the world of the D.I.R.E Agency, especially since its been a while since I read the other three books. I thought that this book took it much further and developed the world and its advancements.

The scientific enhancements that the Agents at D.I.R.E have are introduced gradually (there are only 4 of them) which makes it seem much more believable. As in the scientific advancements haven't happened suddenly but rather they happen gradually. More to the point the bad guys are now starting to be more technologically advanced, which added an element of danger to the missions that they have.

I was loving the interactions between the four D.I.R.E agents, there was definitely some good banter going on there, particularly from Tristan I thought, but the others gave it to. To my delight as well Riordan gave it back (and in my head Riordan looked like Chris Hemsworth - as Thor I might add).

The girls also played a role, not so much Cass (probably due to her history with Riordan, yet again the D.I.R.E Agents have complicated relationships)! It was also good to see the women putting their own skills to good use as a part of the D.I.R.E agency. Its good to see women being so successful.

As with the other books in this series this book has drawn me in massively and has a good balance of romance and action.

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