Thursday, 13 November 2014

Book: Lilith Enraptured by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Lilith Enraptured in exchange for my review.

As an analyst, Lilith is used to encountering new dimensions, but waking up in one with no recollection of how she got there is brand new, even to her. Even more so is the fact that the men of the new dimension claim women without giving much thought to how they felt about in. Sorin promised himself that he'd never take another wife, but one look at Lilith and something clicks into place and his body seems to act without thinking it through first. But convincing Lilith that he'll care for her and protect her is more difficult than he first thought.

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Mix interdimension travel, romance and action and you get Lilith Enraptured, I thought that the genres mixed well and seemlessly in a book that had me not wanting to put it down from the very first page.

Lilith herself took a lot of time adjusting to her new world, and some of the time I just wanted to yell at her to man up a bit and act on the desires she very clearly felt. But once she did you could see that she was very quickly falling not just for Sorin but for the world in which he lived. I thought that her falling for him happened at the right speed, especially considering how logical her mind was.

Sorin was kind of the opposite. He already knew that he liked her and that he wanted to protect her, what he didn't understand was what she wanted from him. This was also a learning curve for him and you could see him become more aware of what he was doing, and of what to do to make Lilith happy, as the book went on. It got the point where I could only think of Sorin as really sweet.

There was a good deal of focus put onto fate and fated matched in Lilith Enraptured, though I felt this was done well as the relationship didn't run along overly smoothly. Which I think it could have been at risk of doing, instead there were bumps in the road that both the characters had to get over.

I'm very intrigued by the customs of the land, and what the characters experienced, as well as wanting to know exactly what the other women that Lilith met with went through. Particularly Karre, but Jayne and Paige as well!