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Blog Tour: Books Blogs & Reality by Ryan Ringbloom

I received a copy of Books Blogs & Reality in exchange for my review.

Jess, Brooke, Lizzie and Rachael are all book bloggers, living far apart from each other but connected in a way that other people just don't understand. Drawn together by their love of books, they carry on to talk about their personal lives as well, and the problems they are having. Lizzie's marriage to Edward seems to be crumbling around her due to bad communication, Brooke is having a forbidden romance with her boss, Jag, Jess is convinced she can change her bad boy Riley, and Rachael wants to try new things with her boyfriend Kevin...but life isn't a romance novel, and things don't go so well for the bloggers...

This may sound like a strange thing to say about a book but unless you are a book blogger then there are going to be things that happen in this book that you just don't get. Not saying you wouldn't enjoy it, but if you know what the bloggers are on about then it lends another connection to the characters and the story. Also, let's face it, people that aren't book bloggers don't tend to get quite as involved with books as we do! There were a couple of qquotes that really struck me in the book, and stopped to make me think, mainly because I am a book blogger, and I do plan a lot of my life around that fact (not that I regret it or anything, in fact I love books, I love blogging and talking to the people I've met through doing it is always fun!)
"Rachael-XXOO: All the books sound the same lately. Sex, sex, more sex...it's stupid. Maybe it's time someone should write a book about how much fucking work it is for bloggers to read and review all ths hit authors are constantly spewing out about perfect love and even more perfect sex."
One such quote, and I'm including it for the simple reason that it does show how book bloggers feel from time to time. That and the reading slump, the tour deadlines and the pressure to review. I was impressed by how well it was captured (which leads me to believe that the author must be/have been a book blogger herself at some point).

I really liked the connection between the four main bloggers, it ignored their age, where they lived, what they did for a living, and focused on the shared interests, and I think that really captured some of the true spirit of the blogging community, and I also thought it was interesting that the question of would they talk about the same things in person came up. The answer was no, and I believe that that is the right answer, being online gives you an anonymity (even if you use your real name like I do) to say 'this sex sounds interesting' or 'that scene was a massive turn on' whereas in real life you wouldn't say that. I definitely believed the relationship between the four of them.

The romance in the book worked well, and it probably was still a little romanticised, not that I can critisise that considering this is a book and at the end of the day the whole point is that it isn't reality, but I liked how the issues in the relationships had to be worked out, and definitely weren't just fixed by having a lot of sex.

I don't really feel like this is a 'classic' review, more observations based on the book, but that's what is sprining to mind right now (and the fact that my automatic response to reading this book was to tell the COYER group about what I was reading). If I'd read this book a year ago, I don't think I'd have enjoyed it as much, nor would I have got it to the same extent as I do now. And this book has made me thankful for there being a blogging community at all!

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Life can suck…
When reality becomes overwhelming, seeking comfort in fictional fantasies keeps hope alive. And while this escape may be a little delusional, it’s also therapeutic. Sharing secrets is daunting, but virtual friends don’t often judge and they are always ready to share a glass of wine…or three…while typing out life’s latest endeavors. Brooke believes obstacles only add to romance, not detract. Rachael longs for a more intense relationship, or so she thinks. Lizzie misses the excitement in her life, but sometimes new situations find you when you’re not even looking. And Jess believes a tiger can change his stripes. It can’t. Bound by a shared passion for blogging about happily ever afters, these four young women use keyboard therapy to work through their expectations, anxieties, and inadequacies, all with the hopes of achieving the perfection found in romance novels. Completely blinded by what they think life should be, they navigate their unique paths in search of what they envision is right. But when reality taunts them with persistent curve balls, will they be strong enough to choose wisely? Or will their happy endings escape them?
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