Saturday, 6 December 2014

Book: The One by Kiera Cass

The One is book three of The Selection.

From 35 girls down to 4...America is still in the running to become Prince Maxon's wife, and the closer she gets the more she realises just how much she actually wants it. With fewer questions about her feelings for Aspen, America starts to become more involved in the politics, but as normal she doesn't do it on purpose. The main problem America faces is that she feels insecure about Maxon's feelings for her, and with him feeling the same, there's a chance that they could let something fantastic slip away from them for good, especially when some truths are revealed that could destroy them all.

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Firstly, I'm pretty sure that anyone who's read The Selection would be able to take a good guess about how The One would end (and by the way, fantastic last words, I liked them a lot) but I was quite surprised at how the ending came about. I don't know if it was the relationship journey that America and Maxon went on, or the dramatic ending that came about regarding the rebels, but something just wasn't quite as I expected.

The way I say the ending were that there were kind of two, the romantic ending and the political ending. The romantic ending was perfect in my opinion, it suited the characters, and the mood of the book and I couldn't have imagined it better. Now the political ending, well the last political act was kind of romantic (you'll know what I mean if you've read the book) but up until that point I did think that it felt a little bit rushed, though overall I enjoyed it. There were some endings for certain characters that I actually was really sad about, Celeste for example, and others that I was particualry happy about, Marlee is a good example there.

The relationship between Maxon and America really grew in The One, and I htink that it needed to. Not saying that it was wrong to happen like it did, but coming out of The Elite there was still a slight lack of seriousness between them. That changed, mainly because America actually figured out what she wanted, but also because they worked together more.

I did want to yell at the characters at some points. Particularly whenever Maxon or America were being an idiot about recognising what the other felt (which was quite often) and when America wouldn't listen to what Aspen was trying to tell her (mainly because she thought he was going to say something he clearly wasn't). At the same time though there were moments when Maxon in particular was incrediably sweet, or when America was particularly brave, that I just loved.

I also really liked the way that the rebels came into the story. It was interesting to have a perspective from within the institution which was attempting to be toppled, but I thought it worked well. I also thought that the differences between the Southern and the Northern rebels was a good plan, though I do think there needed to be a bit more about getting the Southern rebels sorted.

I did enjoy The One, and I feel quite excited about The Heir, especially considering the beautiful cover and the fact that I thought this was going to be a trilogy! But I guess some stories keep wanting to be written!