Sunday, 14 December 2014

Book: Quartz by Michelle M Pillow

Quartz is a Galaxy Playmate, wanted by men, hated by women, and she loves her job, it allows her to pick and choose her partners and give her the variety that she wants in her sex life. But she's been getting threatening letters and when she gets assigned a new body guard, Thor, she becomes more and more obssessed with how she looks to him, and how he's enjoying the show that she puts on. Thor has been watching Quartz for a long time, and knows exactly what she wants in her men...little to her knowledge, Quartz has only taken one man to her bed in the past year, and Thor's shifting powers have allowed that. With the right man, Quartz could be faithful...but is Thor that man?

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Quartz is book 2 in a series (Galaxy Playmates) though it is possible to read it without reading book 1 (which is what I've done). I needed something sexy and light to read and I've been enjoying Michelle M Pillow's books so far so thought I'd give it a go as it was on my Kindle, and I really enjoyed it. It's definitely a quick, fun and hot read!

Quartz herself was kind of vain, she liked things her way and she liked to make people do what she wanted. Though I'd normally find this very annoying in characters, I actually found it acceptable in this case simply because she knew that's what she was and acted accordingly. In one case she even said that she liked variety and was incapable of remaining faithful, which was why she didn't lie to herself and have a relationship. It was refreshing to have a character so aware, and accepting, of their faults. 

On the surface, Thor seemed to be the opposite of that, but actually once the surface was scratched, it became clear that he was kind of possessive and wouldn't let anyone else actually touch Quartz, and even that he was willing to manipulate her to do it. Both of the characters were flawed, and both accepted that, which made them work together. 

There was a good chemistry between Quartz and Thor, especially when Thor was in his 'standard' form as opposed to one that he'd taken on because Quartz wanted it, and I found the way that their relationship progressed (mostly based on physical attraction). 

Because the characters were aware of, and admitted, their flaws, this book ran smoothly for me and I was able to enjoy it as a short, light and sexy read!