Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Sunday Post #3

The Sunday Post

Real Life News

Monday at school (writing which makes  me think of the song 'Sandy' from Grease!) not too much happened other than me bonding with some of the Year 10 kids (14/15  year olds that is, no idea about corresponding grades or anything like that) two of which kept coming out with some great one liners, particularly when the discussion came round to the verb 'mourir' (to die) and the fact they thought that the frog on the poster was sleeping. Also managed to shock some Year 7s (11/12 year olds) with the fact I'm 22 and have just finished Uni, whereas they thought I'd just finished Sixth Form. (To help, in the UK we have two different school systems, the one I went through was Primary School (4-11 years old), secondary school (11-16 years old), Sixth form (16-18 years old) and the Uni).

Tuesday was my 6 year old brother's nativity play (he was one of the wise men) and was a complete family outing, with my Grandparents coming down from Yorkshire to see it! I was so proud of him and how he was on stage!

I ended up taking my first sick day from my job this week, barely being able to talk and coughing all the time is not conductive to being a good waitress. Meant I got to spend the day in bed with my kindle! It also meant that I finally finished catalogging my Negalley books (it took a while!) so hopefully that should help.

In blog news...keep your eyes peeled for the challenge I'll be hosting with the help of Michelle @ Because Reading is Better Than Real Life! I'm excited and kind of nervous! Don't want to do it wrong after all!

Baking wise, I ended up with a bit of a panic when I was given less than 2 days notice (my busiest two days of the week) to make some cakes for a school fete...somehow I actually managed to pull it off, making butterfly buns.

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I've suffered a pretty big book hangover this week from reading Carrier by Anne Tibbets (the sequel Walled which I also read this week was also a very enjoyable book) and it is definitely up there with best books of the year. I was disappointed by Tea for Three (wait for my review to discover why!) and lost a large amount of sleep reading Bonds of Need by Lynda Aicher, I haven't been disappointed by one of her Wicked Play books yet. I was also surprised by Hidden Demons after reading the first two books, Fire Storm and Malevolent Gateway, both of which were good but d
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