Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Sunday Post #12

Real Life

Before I talk about what happened in my week I wanted to share a funny conversation I had with my little brother on Monday (he's 6 years old).
Alex: Claudia (who is also 6) is my girlfriend you know.
Me: I did know yes. 
Alex: We got married at (insert name of summer school). But it wasn't real. 
Me: I know, you told me at the time. 
Alex: I want to be 13 or 14 when we get married for real. 
Me: Do you not think you might want to be a bit older? 
Alex: Ok then, 17 or 18.
Me: How old am I? 
Alex: 22
Me: Am I married? 
Alex: *shakes head* No.
Me: Have I been married? (He doesn't know that I have actually been proposed to)
Alex: *sighs* Oh alright then. 24. That's if no one better has come along. 
I worry for his generation.

So my general life. Well this week has just been crap. Mostly cause I just feel so tired all the time working so much. I'm then worried cause of various stuff and just kind of being a bit 'blurgh'. Of course it was Valentine's Day yesterday and I'll give you three guesses what I did...oh yeah I worked!! Not that I actually have a boyfriend to spend it with anyway, in fact Valentine's Day officially marks 4 years of being single for yeah fun!

However my little brother (same one as above, my other little brother is 20 and it would be weird from him) did give me a Valentine's Day card which was really cute! The photo he printed off is one of us at our Dad's 50th back in July.

In other news, I got some photos that could be used as potential cover art for Awakening which has me really excited!

Read This Week
Reading wise I did ok this week. I read Three Two One, mainly cause so many other bloggers where reviewing and it's good to say that I wasn't disappointed. I also read Spice which is out later this month and actually I really enjoyed it, it was different and fun at the same time as being sexy. I think I also read my favoourite Michelle M Pillow book this week, I just really liked Clara as a MC in The Reluctant Lord

DNF This Week
I don't often DNF books, but this time I had to. Cleo really wasn't doing it for me, you can check out my Goodreads review as to why. 
Cleo by Lucy Coats

Costs of the Week

Should have spent: 
This Week: £25.72
February: £37.31
Year to Date: £130.44
Did Spend:
This Week: £2.49
February: £6.39
Year to Date: £11.05

Reviews This Week

Havoc by Autumn Grey
The Obsession by Liliana Lee
A Moment by Marie Hall
Hidden Violet by Vivian Winslow
Austin by S L Scott

Wicked Wants by Cayla Kluver (Goodreads Review)

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Challenge Updates
Because reading is better than real life
I read a few Netgalley books...really should have worked on some of the other things for this challenge.

No books read this week. I'm leaving it til the end again it seems.
Goal: 48 Books (4 Books a Month) 
Read: 5 Books

Falling For YA
Now this one didn't go too bad! 2 of my books this week counted (I also knocked another of my Netgalley list with my DNF) AND I discovered that I'd requested one of the books I read last week (after buying!) on Netgalley, so not doing all that bad!
Goal: 75 Books
Read: 18 Books

All but one of my books this week counts towards COYER (not including my DNF which counts for nothing in my mind!)
Goal: 80 Books
Read: 75 Books

2 of my books count this week! Though another one is a new release but wasn't long enough to count. I also haven't counted any January reads in this count!
Goal: 31-45 Books
Read: 3 Books

I'm new to this challenge this week! And to keep it challenging, I'm not allowing myself to count anything read in January. That said, I've already earnt a few points here!
Goal: 101+ Points
Read: 6 Points