Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Sunday Post #22

Real Life

I'm afraid to say that this week was nowhere near as eventful as last week! Well for me at least! Considering that the General Election was held on Thursday it was quite an exciting day on Friday! This was the first time I've actually voted in a general election, I was a month too young last time (muchto my annoyance) and part of me feels like I wasted my vote a bit considering we use the First Past the Post system and our consituancy was won by one of the other candidates but oh well! 

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This Week: £25.67
May: £30.74
Year to Date: £374.52
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This Week: £13.61
May: £13.61
Year to Date: £53.70

Behind the Scandal by M A Stacie 
Cupid's Revenge by Michelle M Pillow
A Study in Ashes by Emma Jane Holloway
Cupid's Favor by Michelle M Pillow
The Valkyrie by Mandy M Roth 
Head Over Heels by Cindy Procter-King

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Challenge Updates

Because reading is better than real life

Completely against all my expectations I've completed my audiobook resolution this week. Crazy!


I've started book 1 for May this week; The Woodlands

Goal: 48 Books (4 Books a Month) 
Read: 16 Books

Falling For YA

Goal: 75 Books
Read: 38

Werewolves of New York: Nathaniel 
Paris for One
Cape Cod Kisses
Goal: 31-45 Books 
Read: 26

Obliterate (1 point) 
Valhalla (2 points) 
Mend (1 point) 
Call of the Untamed (1 point) 
Goal: 101+ Points
Read: 120 Points