Sunday, 19 March 2017

Release Blast: Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah by Faleena Hopkins

Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah Cocker (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 8) by [Hopkins, Faleena]

Check out Faleena Hopkins' new book! No, seriously check it out! This author, and this book (and yes I have read it!) are amazing, definitely worth the time! 


Every man I've dated in this city has either bored me or hurt me. 

When Sofia Sol, my crazy cousin, offers a ride on the back of her Harley with no destination in mind besides out-of-Atlanta, what do you think my answer is? I'll give you one guess.


Life doesn't ever hand you what you want. You have to take it. 

Two years ago I lost a fight that cost me my UFC Heavyweight Champion title and a lot more. Now's my chance to turn the tide. 

Florida doesn't give a damn what happens in any other state, so when I'm at the gym training and I spot Hannah Cocker, I don't know she's famous in Georgia and I don't care. All I'm thinking is, how can I make that beautiful woman's sadness disappear? 

I'm not good enough to be her forever...
but when I said I take what I want...that includes her.

*** Contains a BONUS NOVEL of "Cocky Senator" for a limited time.  Both are sizzling STAND ALONE contemporary romance, full-length novels that can EASILY be enjoyed in any order. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed, fun as hell, happily ever after! The bonus love story begins at approx. 50%